Why You Should Keep Renting

3 Reasons to Hold Off on Buying This Year in Denver


There’s no shortage of people that will tell you why you should buy in Denver right now. These reasons include:

  • Denver is growing like crazy
  • Owning is a good investment in general
  • Interest rates are still low
  • Rent is skyrocketing

Which are all true. But that doesn’t mean buying is the right decision for everyone, all the time.

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Why high prices aren't enough in Denver's Real Estate Market

Why the Highest Price Might Not be Enough in Denver


There are still no homes for sale in Denver.

The Denver Metro Association of Realtors reports that February closed out with just 3,963 active listings – a 6% decrease over January and 3% lower than a year ago. 

This means either a) sellers are waiting until the traditional Spring selling season so they can get even more for their homes, or b) people are scared to sell because that means most will have to turn around and be a buyer in this market.

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Highlands Ranch January Real Estate Update

Highlands Ranch January Market Update

We’re seeing 2016 start just as 2015 ended in most areas across Denver, and Highlands Ranch is no exception – little inventory and lots of buyer demand. Here are the high level stats from Highlands Ranch, CO.

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Highlands Ranch Real Estate Market Outlook 2016

2016 Highlands Ranch Real Estate Outlook

We’re only 1 month into the new year, but I still like looking at the numbers to see how the local real estate market is reacting. Here are the meaningful stats from Highlands Ranch in January:

Highlands Ranch Real Estate – By The Numbers

  • 88 Detached Single Family Homes sold
  • Buyers paid an average of 99.1% of the list price
  • Homes stayed on the market an average of 31 days
  • In the $250-$350k segment, buyers paid 103% of list price and homes stayed on the market a mere 5 days
  • Concessions were asked for/given on 18 sales, and averaged $2,000

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First time buyer mistakes

6 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers in Denver Make

1) Underestimate The Competition

The harsh reality right now is that in some areas in Denver, a low-ball offer won’t even get looked at (exception being cash). While the market has cooled a little as of late, we are still in a market where competition to own is fierce.

By many reports Denver is the hottest market in the country right now.

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Selling a Home in Highlands Ranch

Why Trading Up In Highlands Ranch Might Make Sense

Many would be sellers in Highlands Ranch face the same concerns in this hot Denver market.

“If we sell at these elevated prices, we’ll just have to turn around and buy at the same high prices” or

“Yeah we can sell our home quick, but we won’t be able to find a house to buy”

Well, partly true but also not true. Allow me to explain.

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Selling a Home in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Market Update – June 2015

Highlands Ranch is no exception to the record highs the Denver Metro area saw in the month of June.

Take the following stats provided by DMAR (Denver Metro Association of Realtors).

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The Top Family Neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado - Denver Realtor - Kevin Wagstaff

The Top 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Denver

Denver is regarded as one of the top cities to live for families by many publications, so it’s no surprise there are plenty of great neighborhoods and suburbs to review when thinking of the “best” for those with kids. If you’re relocating to Denver and looking for the best neighborhoods for your family and lifestyle, […]

7 Tips For Buying a House in Denver’s Crazy Real Estate Market

So you’re thinking about buying a home in Denver. Join the club. There is a reason home values are skyrocketing here in the Mile High City – because everyone wants to live here. 

According to this Denver Post article, about 7,300 homes on the market in the $200k-$400k price range would be a normal, well-balanced market. Denver had 723 at the end of February. So to put that in perspective, there is about 1/10th the amount of homes for sale that there would need to be to create a stable market. This huge imbalance in supply and demand will naturally push prices higher in the near term. A dip in mortgage rates has also spurred buyers in to action. Read more

Denver Real Estate Market Update – What I’m Seeing

To say the Denver Real Estate market is hot is an understatement – It is getting ridiculous in some areas of town. Try University Hills (which is a few miles from Wash Park) where I showed a couple a home today that has been on the market a mere 12 hours. We had a 10:30am showing. We were the 12th people to see the house that morning. Then about 10 more couples proceeded to come in while we were there. Needless to say, there were multiple offers over the ask when I called the listing realtor a few minutes later. This has been the norm for most of this past year. Read more