Moving to Denver – 5 Reasons Colorado is for You


1) Jobs in Denver are Booming

I list this number 1 not because it’s the most important reason you should move to Denver, but none of the other awesome stuff on this list can’t happen without being able to pay rent or a mortgage.  Forbes has ranked Denver #4 on the Best Places for Business & Careers list due to an increasing number of large companies moving operations here, a relatively low cost of living and doing business, and emerging tech and telecommunications sector.  Being centrally located and near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains doesn’t hurt the distribution and energy sectors either.

I happen to be a big fan of the tech/start-up scene that is prominent in the Denver/Boulder area.  Denver also ranked #2 for best places to hatch a start-up.  Denver is known as a very tech savvy, highly educated city, so this naturally lends to businesses wanting to be here to scoop up the best talent.

That’s all well and good, but we all know the best way to get a job is to know someone.  That’s the best part because there isn’t a friendlier city in America than Denver, Colorado.  Which leads me to…

2) The People

If you have friends that have friends in Denver, then you should have no problem meeting people and networking to open up your job opportunities.  Even if you don’t, I’ve had friends in the past that moved here with nothing but a car full of belongings and in weeks they had already met great friends that they still know to this day.

People are just happy here.  Maybe it’s because we’re one of the healthiest cities in America.  Maybe it’s all the sunny days and array of activities that lend to a healthy work-life balance.  Whatever it is, people are just friendly here.  It’s easy to make friends at a happy hour or the park if you’re a transplant, and it’s not rare for a stranger to go completely out of their way just to help you find what you’re looking for.

Denver is just the right size of city.  You get all the attractions of a major metropolitan area, with the down-to-earth midwest influence and easy pace of life of a small town.

3) That Whole 300 Days of Sunshine Thing

Ok, so that is a little misleading depending on your definition of “days of sunshine”.  Colorado tourism likes to stretch this one.  While the Colorado Climate Center reports that there are really only about 115 days of clear skies, there is some truth to the 300 days of sunshine thing.  Colorado can have about 30-40 overcast days a year, but even on many of those days the sun manages to peek out for at least an hour or two.  The amount of beautiful, sunny days is definitely something that is always a surprise to non-natives, leaving more days for hiking and biking than you think! The winters here are a big misconception as well.  We do get lots of snow here.  About 53 inches per year.  What most out-of-towners don’t realize is that the sun typically comes out the next day and melts most of it, resulting in many crisp, cool, and sunny winter days with clear roads and trails!  And if you like skiing or snowboarding, it doesn’t get better than a 60 degree day on the slopes with a light breeze!

4) No Shortage of Things-To-Do

Whether you’re single 20-something, a family, or active empty nesters, Colorado has something for you. Some of the nation’s top outdoor destinations like Breckenridge, Vail, Arapahoe Basin, Beaver Creek, Keystone, & Winter Park are all weekend getaway possibilities – year round. The beauty of mountain towns in the spring, summer, and fall is a sight to see.  Just ask anyone how the camping around here is.

If you’re in to the arts and culture, Denver has you covered there.  The Denver Art Museum, Denver Zoo, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science all have free days where admissions is waived for the general public.  You could also take in a ballet or symphony at The Denver Performing Art Complex – It’s the second largest performing arts center in the world after New York City’s Lincoln Center.  Add to that the unique neighborhood coffee shops, boutique stores, and restaurants and you’ll always have an exciting adventure to go on.

If you have kids or pets then you’ll love to know that Denver has one of the top park systems in the country, with over 6,000 acres of park space.  There is libraries, amusement parks, dog parks, and just about every family friendly activity you can think of.

If you’re in to sports you’ll like that Denver is 1 of 12 US Cities with 4 major sports teams.  If you like nightlife, Denver and it’s famed LoDo district is consistently ranked as a top city for singles and boasts the most bars per capita than any other US city.  And if you happen to like beer, then you may want to know about the Great American Beer Festival and that Colorado has over 200 craft breweries.

5) It’s Just a Cool City

When you put it all together, Denver has it all.  It’s a progressive city with a vibrant downtown and some of the safest, highest rated suburbs in the country.  We have a highly educated, active population and transplants from all over the country.  You have the mountains, but you’re centrally located so a flight to the west coast or midwest is a quick hop.  We have sports teams, but also have culture, the arts, and a relevant tech start-up scene.

We are also one of the fastest growing cities in America.  So that tells you right there, that if you’re thinking about moving to Denver, you’re not alone.  Rents are rising, home prices are rising, so you might not want to wait too long!