Selling Your Home – Where To Start

If you’re ready to sell your house but not sure where to start, you’re already in the right place.  Many of these conversations warrant speaking in person or over the phone, but here are some basic questions you should be asking yourself or your spouse if you’re considering putting your Denver home or condo up for sale:

  • Where will you be looking for a replacement home? What’s the competition like?
  • Can you be flexible with closing dates?
  • What overall condition is your house in?
  • How old and in what condition are your appliances in?
  • Do you have expectations for how much you should profit from the sale? What are those expectations based on?
  • What is more important, how fast we can sell the house, how much we can sell it for, or other factors?

Among many others, these are questions that should be thoughtfully answered prior to listing your Denver home.  We will go through these answers with diligence while also considering your other needs, wants, and desires.  I feel you can never communicate enough during this process, and you need to feel comfortable with who you are discussing these intimate issues with, or it can add undue stress to an already stressful process.

Selling a Home is Stressful

Selling a home is likely one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, and that can result in lots of mixed emotions and expectations.  I feel stress and anxiety can in large part come from unrealistic or improper expectations.  See, many realtors sell prospective sellers on getting the “best” or “highest” offer. This implies there is a special skill the realtor has that can dictate and defy market forces.

Markets Dictate Pricing – Not Realtors

Let’s talk about a very fundamental flaw that many realtors misconstrue to their clients that I mentioned above.  The marketplace and economics of home prices are based on supply and demand.  When there are too many houses on the market and too few buyers, then home prices fall.  When there are too few houses on the market and many buyers, prices tend to go up.  This is an over-simplified way to explain this, but I feel its necessary to say here with how many people feel it’s the realtor that “gets” them a high selling price.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things a great realtor will advise you on to maximize what you can sell your house for.  Markets dictate the range in which you list at, realtors gain you efficiencies and a higher price within that range.  Here is a basic checklist of things I advise you should be doing to maximize what you can list your home for.

  • Keep it clean! You’d be surprised how many people overlook this basic one. De-clutter main areas of the home like the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • If you’re still occupying the home, don’t be there when prospective buyers are looking. This makes them uncomfortable no matter how nice you are.
  • If you have pets, take them with you when you leave for showings. Why risk turning someone away that doesn’t like pets?
  • If you would be turned off by minor scuffs, stains or defects, then get them fixed before you sell. It can make a big difference in perception, and in turn what buyers will offer.
  • Expect that a buyer will ask for the world. They are entitled to ask for whatever they want. Don’t take it personally.

Current Market Conditions – Good For Sellers!

While selling a home can be very stressful, the current market couldn’t be more friendly for potential Denver home sellers. Many homes are only staying on the market for a couple days, and that’s typically because seller’s agents are having them “review all offers on X day of the week”, usually Sunday.

So if you’re considering selling in this current environment, it’s usually not a matter of if your home will sell for over the listing price, but rather how much over. The tricky part is finding a replacement home and trading up, which the conditions are great for if you’re selling first.

Call or email if you’d like to see what properties in your immediate area have sold for recently. I pull information directly from the Denver MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is the most accurate and up-to-date info, and what appraisers will use when determining the value of you home.